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ERP and CRM Solutions
Acumatica Cloud ERP/CRM

Microsoft Dynamics SL ERP

Client/Server Application
On-Premise and Hosted Deployments
MS SQL Server
Acumatica Cloud ERP/CRM

Web Browser Application
On-Premise, Hosted and SaaS Deployments
MS SQL Server, SQL Azure
Windows Azure and SQL Azure

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Microsoft Windows Azure and SQL Azure enables you to build, host and scale applications in Microsoft datacenters.  They require no up-front hardware expenses, no long term commitment and enable you to pay for only the resources you use.


Microsoft SQL Server making the difference

Microsoft SQL Server is a trusted, productive and intelligent Database Management System that provides any organization with an enterprise ready data platform for organization to manage data. 
In addition, Microsoft SQL Server provides the Business Intelligence tools to extend access to the data throughout the organization.

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