Getting the Most Out of Your Warehouse and Manufacturing with Scanco

Scanco Barcode Acumatica

Scanco Barcoding Tools Help Manufacturers and Distributors Speed Operations

 Have you ever felt like your warehouse or shop floor runs too slow for the pace of the modern business world? Do you find yourself wondering how you can speed your operations to create more and deliver more – without having to hire additional staff?

With Scanco’s barcoding tools, built to work seamlessly with Acumatica, you’ll finally have a way to increase your speed and efficiency, without having to worry about additional labor expenses. See how it works.

The Age-Old Problem with Paper

Look, it’s no secret that paper pick sheets and work orders are a time- and money-waster at your company. To maintain your paper work habits, you have to buy reams and reams of paper each month, and that means that you also generate a large amount of landfill and recycling waste that you have to deal with. What a hassle.

But dealing with paper is nothing new. In fact, this has likely been a problem for every business owner since the Egyptians invented papyrus!

And that’s why, here at Dynamic Tech Services, we’re wondering why you’re still relying on such outdated methods for tracking work orders and your pick, pack, and ship process. After all, you have far better options that are extremely affordable, especially when you consider all the ways that your paper-based processes bleed your shop floor or warehouse of productivity every day.

Paper Is Wasting Your Time

Not sure how much time your paper pick sheets and work orders waste? There’s an easy way to find out. Take a second and think about how much time you spent last week generating and managing work orders or pick sheets. Then think of how much time it took to manually re-enter the data from each of those completed pick sheets or work orders.

If you entered the data yourself, think about the time you spent trying to decipher messy handwriting or confusing marks. If your system allows your workers to enter their own data on terminals, think of the painfully slow, one-finger typing methods a lot of your workers use, and think of the data-entry errors you had to correct after they missed lines or digits while they were typing.

Once you start thinking about these details, you’ll probably also start to think about your reasons for still using paper.

After all, there is a better way.

Solve the Paper Problem with Scanco Barcoding Tools

If you’re ready to take your time back and boost productivity throughout your warehouse or factory, Scanco barcoding tools can help.

With barcodes, you can:

  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Improve accuracy for finished goods and shipments
  • Speed operations across your manufacturing and distribution tasks
  • Track labor hours and labor productivity
  • Handle receiving, counts, bins, inventory transfers, and more with ease

However, as you know, there’s more to running a modern business than simply increasing your output and working faster. You also need to have insight into your productivity and processes, so you can target your most profitable goods and sell more of them. Scanco helps in this area too.

With Scanco, you’ll gain real-time insight into the productivity of your operations, so you can increase your efficiency and maximize your profitability every single day.

And the best part about Scanco? Their time-tested and flexible, fully integrated software doesn’t require cumbersome scanners or lengthy training times because it runs on intuitive systems that everyone has in their pocket right now: smartphones.

Contact Dynamic Tech Services or watch the on-demand webinar to learn how quickly and easily you can improve your manufacturing and distribution processes when you use Scanco barcoding tools for Acumatica.

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