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The iPaaS solution built for the connected enterprise

CloudSnap allows you to integrate Acumatica seamlessly with the apps you already use.

You can choose from Cloudsnap’s library of connected apps — like the connected apps for Acumatica and Shopify or Acumatica and Concur — or you can create your own custom connection in minutes. Custom apps can be both cloud-based as well as on-prem or legacy apps.

Cloudsnap’s high-availability platform ensures the secure transfer of data with no single point of failure. You can automate business processes and allow the Cloudsnap platform to help your business remove manual complexity, better allocate resources, and involve people where needed.

With Cloudsnap you can set it and forget it. It just works!

Hybrid integration — Cloud or On-Prem

Dedicated to the User Experience — Fast, Reliable, Powerful

Make Any Connection — Pre-built or Customized

Built to Scale — Accommodates Any Workload

Drag and Drop Workflow Engine — No Coding Required

Easy to Use — Connect Your App Quickly

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CloudSnap - Acumatica Application Integration

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Cloudsnap Connectors

Start the Conversation between Your Applications

With the Cloudsnap platform, it is easy to integrate apps with your ERP. Whether its a CRM, e-commerce app, expense management system, or an on-prem database, integrate each aspect of your business with Cloudsnap.


These connectors merge your ecommerce platform and Acumatica with a bi-directional flow of data which reduces errors and manual entry. For example, data that is input into your ecommerce platform will flow to Acumatica. Conversely, information entered through Acumatica will flow to your ecommerce platform. Integrating your e-commerce data with your ERP allows you to operate more efficiently as a business by removing the manual complexity. You can eliminate the need to manually enter data from one system to another and receive real-time information on the state of your data.

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Plus more


By integrating your marketing and sales automation software, valuable customer information will be brought directly to your CRM. The ability to access sales data within the CRM keeps businesses updated in real time with customer details and leads, including accurate contact information, previous interactions, and the location of each customer in the sales pipeline.

  • ConnectWise
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Salesforce
  • Plus more


The main drawback of non-integrated systems is multiple data entry. The simple math dictates that having two systems needs twice as much staff time to input the data, resulting in twice as many errors. With Cloudsnap, gain improved talent management from recruitment through the training and development process and gain insight on how the addition of new staff members impact the bottom line over time.


Enable your organization to replicate, cleanse, and synchronize application data seamlessly and securely with enterprise business applications and databases. Cloudsnap makes it easier to automate the movement of data in ways that make sense, allowing you to focus on your core business rather than on the technical ins-and-outs of your software infrastructure.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Service Now
  • Plus more

Cloudsnap connects your apps to Acumatica in a snap. Popular connectors include:

Concur Acumatica Connection
Shopify Acumatica Connection
Salesforce Acumatica Connection
AWS Acumatica Connection
Magento Acumatica Connection
Big Commerce Acumatica Connector
ADP Acumatica Connection
WooCommerce Acumatica Connection
Service Now Acumatica Connector Acumatica Connector