Why Every ERP Project Needs a Champion • White Paper

Why Every ERP Project Needs a Champion

Learn why every ERP project should have a project champion.

It is clear that the most successful projects all have top level management that is fully committed to the project and visibly supports it by staying in tune with project progress keeping their involvement visible to the team and the entire company.

The project leader role is, above else, a communication job, coordinating the goals, vision, and progress between the executive suite and the working levels of the organization.

The project leader is a 'facilitator, cheerleader, and trusted advisor.'

The true ERP champion drives the effort forward and takes responsibility for achieving the goals but the best ones do that from a less visible position.

They are not in it for their own glory; they make sure that the people who actually do the work and make the progress get the recognition they deserve.

Achieving the goal of a successful implementation is what they care about the most.

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