What’s New – Acumatica 2018 R2

Announcing-the-Release-of-Acumatica-2018-R2Continuing with their twice a year release cycle (R1 in March/April and R2 in September/October), we are happy to announce the release of Acumatica 2018 R2 on September 12, 2018.  With each release, Acumatica refines and enhances business application functionality, user interface, reporting and more to deliver valuable tools to the end user. Substantial technical enhancements are made with each release. Below are some of the highlights.

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Highlights of Enhancements – Acumatica 2018 R2

Acumatica 2018 R2 Welcome Page

Acumatica ERP Welcome Page

With Acumatica ERP 2018 R2, Acumatica delivers access to the company’s educational resources and latest news on the Welcome to Acumatica page. The Welcome to Acumatica page offers access to a variety of resources that are aimed to enhance customer experience with Acumatica ERP and help users to get the most out of the application.


Acumatica 2018 R2 Pop Up NotesPop-Up Notes

In response to requests from clients, Acumatica introduces ability to communicate important information about an entity to other Acumatica ERP users. In the 2018 R2 version, a user can leave a
note about a customer, a vendor, or an inventory item that will be displayed to other users when they select the entity while creating documents in the system.


Acumatica 2018 R2 Company-and-Branch-SelectorNew Company and Branch Selection Menu

In previous versions of Acumatica ERP, a new entity, company, has been introduced to clarify the difference between branches that represent legal entities and branches that represent offices or points of sales within the same legal entity. To help users easily navigate between companies and branches, the new company and branch selection menu has been introduced in Acumatica ERP 2018 R2. The selection menu has been added to the info area, in the upper-right corner of the Acumatica ERP screen, as shown in the following screenshot. The selection menu displays all the available companies with their branches (if any) as a tree to reflect parent-child relations between these entities.


Acumatica 2018 R2 Expanded System Monitoring Expanded System Monitoring

In Acumatica ERP 2018 R2, the form that was formerly called Running Processes (SM201530) has been renamed to System Monitor (SM201530) and has been enhanced as follows:

  • The Active Users tab has been added.
  • The Resource Usage tab has been added.
  • The Active Treads button has been moved from the Request Profiler (SM205070) form to the System Monitor form.
  • The Memory Usage area and Collect Memory button have been moved from the Request Profiler form to the System Monitor form.
  • CPU usage information has been added to the System Monitor form.


Acumatica 2018 R2 Mobile-PushMobile Push Notifications

In Acumatica ERP 2018 R2, receiving notifications about business events has been extended further. Now you can configure a mobile push notification about business events for users with the Acumatica ERP mobile application installed.



Acumatica 2018 R2 Save As Pivot TablePivot Table Enhancements

In Acumatica ERP 2018 R2, a pivot table can be used as a filter tab on a generic inquiry form. When a pivot table is used in this way, the pivot table that is saved as a generic inquiry filter tab will be available as the filter tab for the generic inquiry.




Acumatica 2018 R2 Side-Panel-NavigationGeneric Inquiry Navigation Enhancements

The new navigation parameter Side Panel for a generic inquiry has been introduced in Acumatica ERP 2018 R2. Now a user can view the details of entities related to a record in the inquiry on the same screen in the side panel. The following screenshot illustrates the ability to view customer details for a particular sales order in the side panel.


Acumatica 2018 R2 Export GI As ReportGeneric Inquiry – Export as Report

In Acumatica ERP 2018 R2 , the Generic Inquiry (SM208000) form has been enhanced with the ability to export a generic inquiry as a report that can be used in Acumatica Report Designer.
The user can export information about data access classes to an .rpx file, which will be used in Acumatica Report Designer as a base to design the report layout.



Acumatica 2018 R2 Merge Financial ReportsMerged Financial Report Package

Acumatica ERP has been enhanced to support the sending of multiple reports created in Analytical Report Manager (ARM). The financial reports can be merged into a report package to be sent as a single HTML or PDF file on the Send Reports (SM205060) form.



Acumatica 2018 R2 User Defined FieldsUser Defined Fields Enhancement

In Acumatica ERP2018 R2, the ability to customize forms has been extended further. Now users with appropriate access rights can add new fields for multiple entities.

Before adding a new field to a screen, a user should define the field properties by using the Attributes (CS205000) form in the same way as the user would define an attribute. To add a new field for an entity, a user with appropriate access rights navigates to the Edit User-Defined Fields (CS205020) form directly from the corresponding data entry form of the entity.

To do this, the user clicks Customization > Manage User-Defined Fields on the title bar of the form. When the user clicks Add User-Defined Field, the system opens the User-Defined Field Parameters dialog box (see the following screenshot), where the user selects the field and specifies its position on the User-Defined Fields tab of the data entry form. After a user-defined field has been added to a data entry form, the system displays the User-Defined Fields tab on the data entry form. On the tab, all the added fields are available and placed according to their specified position.



  • Deferred Revenue Branch Enhancements
  • New Plug-in for Tax Calculations (Support for multiple providers)
  • Reverse of Funds Transfer
  • Close Financial Periods by Company


  • Enhanced Freight Calculation
  • Improved Discount Functionality
  • Improved Purchase Returns
  • Enhanced Purchase Receipts Functionality
  • New Landed Cost document type
  • Improved visibility of Purchase related documents


  • Default Project Task Option
  • New Labor Cost Rates form
  • Project Centered Entry improvements
  • Improved Integration with HRM and Payroll Systems
  • New Project Quotes and Integration with Opportunities and Sales Quotes

Field Service

  • Enhanced Cost Tracking and Reporting
  • Inventory Item Allocations to Service Orders
  • Tax Calculation on Service Orders and Appointments
  • Prepayment for Services Orders and Appointments
  • Purchase Requirements for Service Orders and Appointments
  • Enhanced Order Type Restrictions
  • Improved Notes and Attachment controls
  • Attributes on Service Orders and Appointments
  • Improved Opportunity to Sales Order to Service Order integration
  • Quick Processing options
  • Improved Scheduling


  • Contract Based API Improvements
  • Simplified Increase of Database Column Size
  • Improved Mobile Application Customization
  • New Mobile Application Navigation Tabs
  • Object Layer in Business Query Language
  • Deferred Query Execution
  • Reusable Business Objects with Support for Unit Tests
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