Acumatica Customization and Development Tools

It’s unusual for general purpose ERP systems to work perfectly with your company’s unique business processes. Sometimes you can change your procedures slightly to make a perfect fit. Other times the software needs to change slightly if your process is business critical.

And, as your business grows and changes, it’s important that your ERP solution is flexible enough to accommodate any new requirements.

Therefore, it’s important that the ERP you chose is modern, customizable, and has a strong and thriving partner program capable of delivering customizations and extensions to the underlying software.

Acumatica empowers 3rd party developers with it’s xRP platform, enabling them to efficiently add value and extend the functionality you need for your business.

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Acumatica xRP Platform

What is Acumatica xRP?

The Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform is a cloud development platform that empowers developers and software companies to quickly get their solution to SaaS.

Utilizing the world’s best cloud and mobile technology, it provides the tools to re-imagine business applications for an interconnected world.

It also enables ‘xRP’ – a mission to unlock the business potential of companies powered by Acumatica, where ‘x’ represents any company, big or small, regardless of geography or industry.

The Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform enables developers and software companies to speed to market, significantly reduce cost, and deliver a SaaS offering at scale without compromises.

Why Acumatica xRP?

The Acumatica xRP platform is designed to help developers:

  • Minimize distractions involved in creating a platform
  • Protect investments in application code from technology changes
  • Provide a familiar environment for programming talent
  • Use a universal platform for applications
  • Choose configuration – multi-tenant and multi-database
  • Shorten development time via xRP’s rich platform features and pre-built functionality
  • Provide customers with more value at lower cost because developers have a shorter learning curve

Intro to Acumatica xRP

Acumatica Cloud ERP Extensions

Acumatica ISVs

Acumatica ISVs

Acumatica is more than just an ERP solutions — it’s a platform.

The Acumatica platform is agile, flexible, and integrates with multiple services and solutions. It’s designed to seamlessly connect and integrate with other applications.

The powerful Acumatica platform connects to a variety of frameworks and supports:

  • Nuvola
  • Odata
  • REST
  • SOAP

This flexibility allows for a “best-of-breed” solution as the best cloud services from leading cloud vendors can be implemented in response to your exact, targeted business requirements.

You can find a complete list of Acumatica Extensions here.

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