Evaluate ERP Software

Evaluate ERP Software

ERP software evaluation can be a complex process. Whether upgrading your current system or selecting a new one, you will find resources on this page to help ensure you select a solution that makes the most of your effort and investment and brings the greatest benefit to your business.

Acumatica Product Tour and Differentiation

Acumatica Product Tour

View the Acumatica Product Tour to learn more about Acumatica and the industry-specific tools it provides.

What Makes Acumatica Different

Learn what differentiates Acumatica from other ERP solutions and why it is the ideal fit for managing your business.

What Makes Acumatica Different On Demand Webinar


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Case Studies

Benchmark Technology Group Acumatica Case Study Benchmark Technology Group








Caystone Solutions Acumatica Case Study Caystone Solutions

Tayse Rugs








Northern Express Acumatica Case Study

Northline Express


Find a complete list of case studies here.


Benchmark Technology Group

Jack Malinowski – Benchmark Technology Group

“I just wanted to take a quick minute to let you know how pleased everyone is in the support they receive from you and your staff.  I know we can be a tough and critical group, but somehow you’ve won the favor of everyone who’s had the opportunity to work with you.  Thanks for all you’re doing for us.”

Tayse Rugs

Taylan Sevimli – Tayse Rugs

“One of the best things about Acumatica is how customizable it is, especially the user interface. I can change screens, processes and workflows. I can also create custom reports by connecting tables, combining tables and then generate a single table that has all the information I need.”


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Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment of ERP Solutions


Before moving forward with an ERP purchase, you need to know how much your system will really cost you and identify when you will break even on your investment.

Calculate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Your ERP Deployment

Calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) of Your ERP Investment

White Papers


Find a complete list of white papers here.

Learn More about Acumatica

Now that your ERP research is progressing, maybe it’s time to consider Acumatica.


Acumatica is a high-value, flexible ERP solution. Some customers have realized 400% productivity gains. Others cut processing time by 35%. One saw a savings of $80,000 per year after switching from QuickBooks.

Learn more. Get the Acumatica Product Overview.


Acumatica pricing is based on four factors:

  • What applications do you want to use now
  • Where do you want to deploy the software (on premises or in the cloud)
  • Will you purchase the license or an annual subscription
  • How much computing power and data storage do you need

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Acumatica is frequently recognized for the excellence of its products and services.

Find Acumatica’s latest recognition here.

Product Tour

View the Acumatica Product Tour, or request a demo of the software before you make your purchase.

Learn Acumatica

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