Acumatica 5.0 New Feature Highlights

Acumatica Cloud ERP is scheduled for release on January 22, 2015 (Now Available!) with some incredible enhancements.  The following are some highlights.

Acumatica for iOS and Android

Acumatica’s new native mobile app for iOS and Android devices make it even easier to access and use Acumatica wherever you are. Key features include:

    • Real-time access: The Acumatica mobile app connects to your Acumatica instance in real time, so you always have access to up-to-date information.
    • Automatic synchronization: Changes made in the mobile app are synced within Acumatica automatically.
    • Choose any functionality: Expose any of your Acumatica functionality in the Acumatica mobile app using Acumatica’s Mobile Application Framework.
    • Mobile device integration: Leverage the unique capabilities of your mobile device such as the camera or fingerprint reader.

B2B Portal

Extend Acumatica beyond your walls by giving and business partners 24/7 self-service access to Acumatica to view inventory and place orders. Key features include:

    • Online ordering: Business partners can browse inventory and place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Status updates: Business partners can check their order status at any time.
    • Up-to-date pricing and inventory details: Inventory and pricing is always up to date because it is connected to the same database as your ERP.
    • Increased sales team productivity: Your sales team is freed-up from tactical activities including order placing and responding to inventory questions.

Exchange Integration

Acumatica makes it possible to synchronize data and records—including email, contacts, tasks, and appointments—with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 accounts. Key features include:

    • No plug-ins required: Exchange integration is compatible with Exchange Sever and Office 365 and works in the background, requiring no additional plug-ins.
    • Flexible synchronization policies: Synchronization policies can be assigned at the user level, and users can choose to sync contacts, tasks, and appointments that are flagged with a specific category or located in a specific folder.
    • Two-way sync: Contacts, tasks, and events can be created or modified in either Acumatica or Exchange Server/Office 365, and the change will be automatically reflected in both locations.
    • Automatic email detection: Acumatica can automatically detect email conversations and have them show up as activities within contact records in the Acumatica Customer Management Suite.

General Feature and Platform Enhancements

    • Improved user interface: A new, smoother and cleaner user interface that includes a number of themes that can be changed by a user.
    • Single-sign-on: Enter your credentials once to access multiple applications. Supports Microsoft Azure, Active Directory, Windows Live ID, and Google.
    • Universal search: Rebuilt from the ground up to use the full-text search engine in SQL Server and MySQL.
    • Rich text editor: Now available in multiple applications and tightly integrated with Acumatica Document Management.
    • Redesigned expense claims: Enter expense receipts individually and combine them later into an expense claim. Expenses made in a foreign currency can be submitted and reimbursed to employee.
    • Business process wizard: Designed to optimize complex and multi-step processes that are performed once or on a periodic basis, such as implementing or configuring modules or closing periods.
    • MySQL and Amazon RDS support: Acumatica can now be installed on MySQL database servers and snapshots created in the application are portable between Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.

Finance and Distribution Enhancements

    • Discounts and pricing engine: Completely redesigned and now extended to Accounts Payable and Purchasing. Choose form multiple pricing mechanisms to maintain sales and purchasing prices.
    • Multiple warehouse allocation and purchasing: Place orders to a central warehouse and redistribute the inventory to your warehouses automatically upon receipt.
    • Improved integration between sales orders and purchase orders: Link a sales order to a purchase order to ensure inventory purchased for a customer cannot be ‘stolen’ by another order.

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