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APS Payments Provides the Modern Acumatica Credit Card Processing That Wholesale Distributors Need


One of the biggest benefits of using a modern ERP like Acumatica is the fact that you can mix and match your solutions to meet your exact needs and drive your company forward. Some warehouse managers speed productivity by integrating third-party advanced inventory management solutions to their ERP; others prefer to integrate warehouse management tools or comprehensive reporting add-ons. The options are nearly limitless.

However, almost every distributor can benefit from taking advantage of the Cloud ERP’s flexible third-party payment solutions that make Acumatica credit card processing effortless and affordable.

Acumatica Credit Card Processing: Modern Processing for Our Modern Age

In the past, credit card processing was a pretty simple affair, though very unfair. You, as the merchant, would agree to pay ridiculous sums of money to the card issuing banks and card processors, so you could exercise your “privilege” to accept credit cards.

Considering the unfairness of that setup, it’s a wonder we didn’t all stage a revolt against the card issuing banks years ago. Those banks were making a killing off of the hard work of business leaders like you!

Luckily for all of us, things have changed. Acumatica’s modern cloud ERP has opened up the playing field for third-party credit card processors and that means there’s more competition in the card processing industry. In other words: accepting credit cards just got a lot more affordable for you.

How Does Acumatica Credit Card Processing Work?

Those credit card issuing banks are still making quite a bit of money off of most credit card transactions, but as a wholesale distributor, you have access to a lesser-known type of transaction that offers much lower rates. Available only for Visa and Mastercard B2B sales, these less expensive transactions work using “Level 3 processing” (sometimes written as “Level III processing”), which requires the card processor to capture and transmit detailed transaction data for the card issuing bank.

Distributors that can processes Level 3 transactions save up to 43% on their card processing fees, which typically equals out to an average of $18,000 per year for small to mid-sized businesses.

APS Payments enhances the built-in option for Acumatica credit card by providing Level 3 processing. 

APS seamlessly integrates with your ERP for effortless Acumatica credit card processing and offers a wide range of benefits to users, including:

  • No installation, setup, or maintenance fees
  • No-cost compliance assurance and free PCI compliance assistance
  • Secure, 24/7 online transaction reporting
  • Rock-solid security, including tokenization and EMV chip functionality
  • eCommerce integrations
  • 24/7 live support
  • Daily, automatic batch reporting
  • Multi-currency capability
  • Guaranteed rates

One of the biggest benefits of choosing APS Payments is that they leverage their insider knowledge of the payment processing industry to automatically capture and transmit the necessary transaction information for Level 3 processing. Because of this, APS Payments automatically gives you as many opportunities as possible to save money on your credit card-based sales.

In addition, they also provide the APSPAYS Vault, which securely stores your customers’ credit card information to make recurring billing transactions a breeze, and they offer APS ClickToPay, which connects the payment process right to your customers’ invoices.

Get the Modern Acumatica Credit Card Processing Solution for Your Modern Acumatica Distribution Business

As a wholesale distributor, you shouldn’t have to deal with sky-high fees just because you need to accept credit cards. You already deal with tight margins, substantial stock investments, and those irritating Amazon fees that arise when items don’t sell quickly enough.

You deserve a break on your credit card processing.

Learn more about your new Acumatica credit card processing options when you contact the experts at Dynamic Tech Services.



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