How to Simplify Billing for Subscription-Based Businesses with Advanced Revenue Management for Acumatica

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Stop Wasting Your Time Billing for Subscriptions.
Let Advanced Revenue Management for Acumatica Handle Everything for You


A recent article on the Insight blog published by Stanford Graduate School of Business confirmed that subscription-based businesses are the future. To support that claim, the article quotes tantalizing statistics, namely that the subscription model has grown by more than 100% per year in recent years and that the subscription market skyrocketed by more than $2.5 billion from 2011 to 2016.

In other words: If you’re running a subscription-based organization in today’s marketplace, business is suddenly booming.

But as experts have warned for years, growth that comes too quickly can be a problem because it leads to exponential complexity. That’s why today we’re talking about how you can maintain the pace of growth while reducing complexity in your subscription-based organization with Advanced Revenue Management for Acumatica by MaxQ.

What Is Advanced Revenue Management for Acumatica?

Advanced Revenue Management (ARM) for Acumatica streamlines and simplifies complex billing and revenue management processes, so your business can focus on your service instead of on your accounting procedures.

Advanced Revenue Management for Acumatica offers:

  • Automation

Set different, highly flexible billing rates that automatically adjust for the same customer over time; create invoices and accept payments from multiple methods, currencies, and processors; and add fees for declined or late payments with ease. All of it is automatic, and all of it can save you time.

  • Comprehensive Insight

Get the data you need regarding renewal rates, churn, ARR, MRR, average contract value, lost customers, and more with the integrated ARM analytics capabilities, driven by Power BI in Acumatica.

  • Contract Management Tools

Make fast and easy contract adjustments, including upsells and cross-sells, with automated, one-touch tools that handle all additional billing and renewals throughout the contract’s lifecycle. This capability alone helps ARM users save hours of time by cutting out the 15-20 manual steps that other systems typically require for their contract adjustment processes.

Why Choose Advanced Revenue Management for Acumatica?

As a unified solution for Acumatica, ARM combines all of your subscription revenue management activities into a single, anytime/anywhere tool that handles all your billing, analytics, and contract needs with ease. By saving time with ARM, businesses can process subscriptions faster and more accurately – all with a minimum of manual data entry.

In addition, since ARM is a unified advanced revenue management system that handles all your subscription billing needs in a single tool, business users can use ARM to reduce their training time and simplify their IT management tasks. After all, we all know that learning and managing a single software solution is far easier than handling the different functions and requirements of multiple solutions.

As a subscription-based business, you spend your days making everything easier for your clients. Considering the impressive growth you’ve experienced recently in the marketplace, isn’t it time you made things easier for yourself too?

Curious to see ARM in action?

Watch the on-demand demo or contact Dynamic Tech Services to learn whether your subscription-based organization would benefit from Advanced Revenue Management for Acumatica.

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