Do You Have a True Cloud Solution or Wannabe Cloud ERP?

True Cloud ERP

Not All Cloud Is Created Equal. Are You Working with True Cloud?


Look, most ERP resellers aren’t likely to be this upfront with you, but we don’t see any point in sugarcoating the truth.

Not all cloud ERP is created equal.

Some cloud ERP, known as “true cloud,” is built to take advantage of all the modern, cutting-edge cloud benefits, including seamless mobility, effortless data integration, and a hassle-free overall experience – along with much, much easier management.

The other kind of cloud ERP, which we don’t really have a name for but that Sage has classified as “cloud connected,” is simply the same old ERP software the publisher has been offering for years, but now with a new, fancy skin and some bare-minimum integration options to 3rd party cloud-based add-on products.

What Does a “True Cloud” ERP Offer?

Okay, so maybe you didn’t realize there’s a difference in cloud solutions. What with all the marketing hype out there saying that everything is “on the cloud” it can be hard to separate fact from fiction.

Or, perhaps, you thought that the term “the cloud” came with certain standards – but it ain’t so. Certain solutions, like Acumatica, are true cloud. Other solutions are merely cloud connected.

In general, true cloud ERP offers:

  • Seamless data interconnection – secure, available data sharing between virtually any cloud app with no data siloes
  • Comprehensive anytime / anywhere access – instead of the limited mobile access you get with a “cloud connected” on-premises solution
  • Hassle-free management – no upgrade woes, no ISV integration management, no cloud IT maintenance required

But that’s only a small sampling of what a true cloud ERP offers.

To help you understand the difference and ensure you’re making the best long-term strategic purchasing decisions for your business, we’ve provided a quick, on-demand webinar that helps you understand the advantages of a True Cloud solution.

In addition, the webinar shows you what you can do — in real time — when you’re really working with the true cloud.

Technology changes so quickly these days that it’s always a good idea to question the value of your current solutions. Is your Sage “cloud connected” ERP providing you with the cloud benefits you deserve… or is it time to Question Sage?


Watch the on-demand webinar “Advantages of a True Cloud Solution”
so you can ensure you have all the facts about which type of cloud is best for your business’ future.



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