In early to mid December 2009, Microsoft released 13 new reports for Microsoft Dynamics SL 7.0 FP1 that are geared towards meeting the needs of Government Contractors.

The reports are added to the Project Controller module and provide summaries and supporting details for Project and Task, ODC, Indirect Costs, Revenue and Fee (Profit) at Target and Actual rates.

The following is a list of the reports.  This update can be downloaded from Microsoft Customer Source.

Report ID Report Title
PA300a Job Summary – Project at Target
PA300b Job Summary – Task at Target
PA300c Job Summary – Project at Actual
PA300d Job Summary – Task at Actual
PA310 Job Summary – Labor Hours Detail
PA320 Job Summary – Labor Hours and Cost Detail
PA330 Job Summary – ODC Detail
PA340 Job Summary – Revenue Detail
PA350a Cost Summary at Target
PA350b Cost Summary at Actual
PA360a Project Revenue at Target
PA360b Project Revenue at Actual
PA370 Indirect Cost Analysis Report

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