How Acumatica Commerce Edition Helps You Leverage 2021 Online Shopping Trends

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Discover the Latest Online Shopping Trends and Find Out How Acumatica Commerce Edition Can Improve Your Competitive Edge


US consumers of all ages have grown to appreciate the comfort and convenience of shopping online. This means companies like yours must work hard to stay competitive by expanding and streamlining your eCommerce operations.

Not sure how to boost your eCommerce capabilities and deliver outstanding customer service? Get the answers in the new eBook, Why Commerce Companies Rely on Acumatica for Their Success, presented by the Acumatica Commerce Edition experts at Dynamic Tech Services. Download the eBook here.

What Is in the eBook?

The newly available eBook, Why Commerce Companies Rely on Acumatica for Their Success, explains why selecting a seamlessly integrated eCommerce and ERP solution like Acumatica Commerce Edition can help give your organization the competitive edge.

“I was at dinner with a customer recently who asked if we had any availability on a part. With Acumatica, I was able to pull up our inventory on my phone, see exactly what we had, and let them know.”  – CEO of a tech retail company

Key data contained in the eBook includes:

  • 6 competitive capabilities to look for in an integrated eCommerce solution
  • 9 ways a unified eCommerce solution builds customer loyalty
  • 3 reasons why clients choose Acumatica Commerce Edition

Why eCommerce Is So Important Right Now

Simply put: eCommerce sales are up and in-store sales are down, and this trend seems likely to continue.

  • eCommerce sales on Black Friday 2020 increased 21.6% YoY from 2019 with total revenues of $9.03 billion according to Adobe Analytics, which measures 80% of online transactions at the 100 largest US web retailers.
  • In-store Black Friday 2020 foot traffic declined by 52.1%, according to Sensormatic Solutions, which uses cameras to measure in-store shopper foot traffic.

Does this data suggest the end of Black Friday in-store shopping as we know it? Some experts, including UMKC Economics Associate Professor Dr. Linwood Tauheed, believe that it does – that changes in consumer shopping trends in 2020 could be “the nail in the coffin” for in-store Black Friday shopping.

However, as we all learned in 2020, no one can predict the future.

While an apocalyptic “end of Black Friday” scenario is plausible, it seems unlikely. What we and many other experts envision is that consumers will sustain their online shopping behaviors post-pandemic and that the expanded online market will provide eCommerce-enabled sellers with emerging sales opportunities.

Our viewpoint is backed by data: According to market research company GlobalWebIndex, 33% of research respondents who had not regularly shopped online before the pandemic planned to continue shopping online after the pandemic was over.

Acumatica Commerce Edition can help your business capture a larger portion of those sales.

Prepare Yourself with Facts at Your Fingertips

Companies that are able to deliver a comprehensive, full-service online shopping experience are likely to become the front runners in the online shopping landscape. Are you ready to take advantage of seamless eCommerce sales?

Learn how Acumatica Commerce Edition helps your company pull ahead of your competitors with fully integrated front- and back-office operations and finances, deeper business insight, and a better online shopping experience for your customers.


Get the Facts. Download the eBook Why Commerce Companies Rely on Acumatica for Their Success.



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