How Much Will a New ERP Cost You?

New ERP Cost TCO ROI Calculator

Use This Calculator to Figure Your New ERP Costs vs. Maintaining Your Old System

When it comes to ERP purchasing, there’s an elephant in the room that nobody’s acknowledging: a new ERP system is usually a significant investment for a company. As with all investments, the smartest choice is to make sure you can afford to shoulder the long-term costs before you make a commitment to buy.

If you’re ready to find out how much a new ERP costs in the long term, or you want to compare the costs of buying a new ERP vs. maintaining your current system, check out this handy checklist offered by Dynamic Tech Services.

A Checklist to Calculate New ERP Costs?!

Does it sound odd to you that, using a checklist, you can calculate a comparison between your new ERP’s costs and the costs of ongoing ERP maintenance? That’s a sure sign you bought your current ERP system many years ago. If so, we’re not surprised – ERPs last a really long time.

While in the past it may have been difficult to determine buy vs. maintain comparisons that considered the true complexity of an ERP and integrated apps, those calculations are much easier these days.

Today’s modern ERP systems typically run on the cloud and feature low monthly subscription fees along with reasonable implementation costs and timelines – and, even better, that low monthly cost usually includes most software maintenance and updates for free!

Added up, this means that, though modern ERPs aren’t simplistic, their pricing model certainly can be; that’s why it’s easy to determine the long-term calculations for your new ERP costs vs. the run and maintain costs you’ll see if you choose to keep your old ERP.

Curious to compare the numbers? Now you can. All you have to do is give the checklist a whirl.

New ERP Cost TCO ROI Calculator

Figure Out the Right Choice for Your ERP Needs

When it comes to choosing a new ERP system (or any business investment), you have to make sure that the benefits you’ll experience are worth the cost. For many time-strapped manufacturers and distributors, the benefits of having a fast, modern, and streamlined ERP will quickly pay back the investment with:

  • Time savings
  • Better integration and security
  • Clearer communication

However, other companies may find that their expected new ERP cost doesn’t provide a fast enough ROI because the features and integrations they rely on daily aren’t yet available in the modern ERPs they’re considering.

If you have highly specific needs or questions, it’s probably best to speak directly with an ERP reseller to get the answers, rather than wasting your time searching around through old posts and forums on the Internet. Good resellers are ERP experts, after all. They should be able to answer any queries you have.

But perhaps you’re not ready to speak with an expert yet – you feel like you need more facts first before you start that conversation. That makes sense.

If you’re interested in getting answers about how much a new ERP costs vs. running and maintaining your older ERP system, you can start risk free, using the brand-new calculator, available from Dynamic Tech Services.

Honestly, it’s 100% risk free. You don’t even have to enter in your email address. What do you have to lose?

Try it out now. Calculate how much a new ERP costs when you
access the caclulator.

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