SEI Aarons – Peter Jones, Controller

SEI Aarons“It has been a pleasure working with your team throughout our recent Server, Microsoft Dynamics, and financial reporting software upgrades. This was my first experience leading an upgrade process and it was challenging for me, but your team members were all very patient, helpful and knowledgeable.”

“Chuck Erdkamp, John Moore, and Delmer Johnson each did a great job. Chuck worked with us from day one and was always very responsive and available when needed. He kept our process on track. John assisted with some customization issues, until he was sidetracked with an unfortunate family issue. Delmer stepped right in and finished the work John had started to keep us on track.”

“We were able to complete the upgrade with minimal interruption in our processes and distributed our financial statements for January on time, with no delays. I would strongly recommend Dynamic Tech Services (now SWK Technologies) and especially these three team members to any other clients facing similar upgrades.”

SEI Aarons is the largest franchisee of Aaron’s, the nation’s premier retailer of furniture, consumer electronics and home appliances provided via sales and lease ownership, SEI/Aaron’s has grown to operate over 100 Aaron’s stores in 10 states. ¬†They have won Aaron’s Franchisee of the Year award and been named to the Inc. 500 list as one of the fastest-growing companies in the USA.

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