Acumatica General Ledger

How Acumatica General Ledger Can Work for You

Acumatica General Ledger maintains the charts of accounts and controls financial periods, ledgers, allocations, assets and liabilities, and more. Acumatica General Ledger is integrated with other modules so you have instant access to real time and accurate financial data.

Key Benefits of Acumatica General Ledger

Control Your General Ledger Account and Sub-Account Structure

Acumatica General Ledger makes it easy to define system accounts and sub-account structure so you can organize reporting and analysis with segments, segment lengths, and segment values.

Enhance Reporting

Create different views of your data, or dimensions, using Acumatica subaccounts. With Acumatica subaccounts, nearly unlimited reporting dimensions are available to slice financial reports by product, department, or any user-defined segment. Consolidated and summarized data can be displayed in the monthly, yearly, and quarterly views.

Protect Your Data

Control roles and access permissions by account and sub-accounts to protect sensitive data and improve accuracy. Limit “on-the-fly” sub-account entry to specific sub-accounts based on pre-defined combinations of segment values.

Streamline General Ledger Consolidation

Combine data from multiple entities for consolidated reporting and analysis, different currencies or different account structures notwithstanding. Adjustments for minority interests, inter-company transfers, and other transactions are preserved to avoid duplication.

Highlighted Features: Acumatica General Ledger

Advanced Financial Reporting

Acumatica General Ledger supports financial statements that include sub-account segment structure and configured hierarchies. It also makes it easy to publish reports so you can post them on the web or distribute them as Excel or PDF files.

Flexible Configuration of Financial Periods

Acumatica General Ledger supports monthly, bi-monthly, annual, or custom financial periods. It allows you to keep periods open as long as necessary so you can complete data entry and reconciliation. If necessary, users can override automatic reporting periods based on the transaction date – the General Ledger system will warn of potential incorrect entries.

Multiple Currencies Support

With Acumatica Currency Management, you can enter General Ledger transactions in different currencies so you can easily maintain balances in base currency and foreign currency.

General Ledger Accounts Budgeting and Budget Approval

Acumatica General Ledger supports an unlimited number of budget scenarios so you can quickly view actuals vs optimistic, pessimistic, or expected budgets. It also includes tools to limit user access to specific details so it is easy to group budget without exposing sensitive salary information. Once budgets are approved, users can select them for use on comparative statements and analysis reports.

On-The-Fly Sub-Account Entry

Acumatica General Ledger includes tools to add valid subaccount segment combinations on the fly so you can efficiently maintain complex reporting structures.

Automatic Allocation of GL Balances

With Acumatica General Ledger you can define allocation rules based on percentages, quantities, statistical data, or in proportion to other account balances so it is easy to distribute account balances over multiple accounts and sub-accounts.

Drill Down to Original Documents

Acumatica General Ledger provides a complete array of inquiry screens and reports so you have immediate access to balances. It also provides drill downs on inquiry screens and reports so you can quickly review details – even when transactions were entered in another module.

Reversing and Auto-Reversing Entries

Acumatica General Ledger makes it easy to reverse General Ledger transactions with a single click. It will automatically generate reversing entries in the next financial period during the post procedure or when the financial period closes.

Recurring Transactions

Acumatica General Ledger allows you to design templates with expiration dates, execution limits, and customer execution schedules so you can efficiently enter recurring income and expense transactions based on specific schedules and time periods.

Audit Trails

Acumatica General Ledger includes a complete audit trail of transactions and ensures entries cannot be deleted or cancelled. To correct errors, users must enter reversing entries so you always have a record of changes. Acumatica General Ledger also captures the user ID so you always know who entered the original transaction and any modifications. Furthermore, users can enter notes and supporting electronic documents directly to the transactions to support changes.

Split Transactions

Acumatica General Ledger allows you to split transaction amounts  so you can transfer funds to other accounts, subaccounts, or branches.

Acumatica Cloud ERP Suites

Acumatica Financial Management Suite  Acumatica Distribution Management Suite Acumatica Project Accounting Suite  Acumatica Customer Management Suite


Financial Management Suite
A powerful set of financial applications used by almost every organization, no matter how complex or simple requirements are. Bring rigor to business processes in a user-friendly way.
Distribution Management Suite
Works together with the Financial Management Suite as a full distribution solution. Starting from the requisition process to purchasing, order management, inventory tracking, automated  inventory replenishment suggestions, and more.
Customer Management Suite
Fully integrated with the Financial Management and Distribution Management Suites, the Customer Management Suite fosters a team approach. Dashboards and reports provide real-time sales data to accurately manage forecasts, quotas, and results.
Project Accounting Suite
With the Project Accounting Suite, deliver on project objectives on time and on budget. Manage complex reporting requirements. Include projects in company-wide financial reports.