The Better Way to Process Credit Card Payments in Acumatica

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Choose an Acumatica-Certified Solution to Process Credit Card Payments in Acumatica

At this point, you’ve been using Acumatica for a while. You love the flexibility that the cloud ERP provides, and you’ve started to really streamline your business with real-time visibility, integrated applications, and the large amount of insight you get from Acumatica’s reporting capabilities.

So, why are you still relying on slow, time-consuming, inflexible methods to process credit card payments in Acumatica?

You have options, you know.

What Is EBizCharge Connect by Century Business Solutions?

As an integrated credit card processing solution certified by Acumatica, EBizCharge Connect by Century Business Solutions offers you a way to simplify your credit card payments process, while ensuring that your business stays secure, PCI compliant, and fully up to date.

EBizCharge Connect provides you with the flexibility you need, so you can process payments your way, using a desktop or mobile app, a POS terminal, or even online transactions… but perhaps you already do all that with the portal you’ve been using with Acumatica thus far. You deserve more.

That’s why EBizCharge Connect helps you process credit card payments in Acumatica faster and easier with:

  • Customer self-service options that empower your customers to pay bills securely online at any time
  • Seamless integration between your Acumatica ERP and your credit card payment processing solution – no duplicate data entry, reconciliation, or even pop-up windows to deal with!
  • Custom reports, real-time batch visibility, and unlimited transaction history
  • Flexible, robust search capabilities that help you find transaction records faster
  • Next-day funding available and the power to accept ACH, credit card, and debit card payments anywhere and anytime

In addition, EBizCharge Connects helps you take advantage of lower-cost Level III processing for some business or government credit cards, and the service offers a convenient, one-stop solution for your processor, payment gateway, and native integration.

Impressively, all this also comes with transparent, predictable pricing.

In fact, the pricing is so predictable and transparent that you’ll know, right now, exactly how much it will cost for you to set up, upgrade, and maintain your EBizCharge Connect payment processing system: $0.

Okay. We know we’re sounding a bit salesy at this point, so, though there’s a lot more we could say about EBizCharge Connect, we’ll cut out the rest of our speech on features.

Suffice it to say, you’ll probably find that EBizCharge Connect is much more powerful and flexible than the portal you’ve been using– and EBizCharge Connect can even save you quite a bit of money when you use it to process credit card payments in Acumatica.

With all that, it’s at least worth it for you to consider a change.

Some Businesses Save Money and Process Credit Card Payments in Acumatica 10x More Efficiently – Will You?

Perhaps you don’t want to consider a change right now. Maybe that sounds like a waste of your time. We get it. With the pace of business these days, changing anything in your system can be a hassle, so you want to be sure a change is worth your while before you make the switch.

Luckily, with EBizCharge Connect, it’s pretty easy to figure out if the service is worth it. All it takes is clicking the link below.

See what you’ll save when you request your free, cost-saving analysis from Dynamic Tech Services. Will you find a better way to process credit card payments in Acumatica?

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