The Importance of Identifying the Core Goals of Your ERP Project

The Importance of Identifying the Core Goals of Your ERP Project

When we begin an ERP project, the number one question we ask our customer is “Why?”

Why are you doing this project? Why are you spending the money to implement this ERP system?

The clear answers to these questions become the core goals of your project. If you can’t outline “the why” you can easily lose focus as you move through the process. In addition, clearly identifying your core goals will help you to increase user adoption and stay on budget.

Using the Why for Management Support

When the management team clearly understands “the why” they become invested in the outcome of the project. If management says, “this is important” they will allow the employees to have the time they need to make the project successful. If management is not behind it, then why should the employees bother?

Using the Why for User Adoption

Painting the full picture of the project and making sure that the users understand “the why” is also very important. This is what user adoption is all about. When users are resistant to change, we can go back to the goals. We want each user to know that they play a role, and their role is important to the overall business value. A new ERP system is not about making users obsolete. It is about creating value by giving each user more time to contribute to the understanding of the work they are doing, as opposed to just pushing keys on a keyboard.

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Using the Why to Stay On Budget

Of course, we know that plans change. As people become more familiar with the potential of the systems, they tend to want to do more. Looking back at the core goals gives us the ability to say, “Look, you are asking for X, Y and Z. These appear to be outside the parameters of the original goals we set. If you do not want to let the project mushroom, we need to re-focus on the core and address the goals that were initially laid out.”

Once the system is in place, then you can expand, but it is important to get over that first hurdle. I often tell my team that last little push for the goal line is like landing a plane. The most resistance to landing is when you’re closest to the ground.

An experienced ERP Partner can help you navigate your entire ERP implementation.

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