What’s New in Acumatica v5.10

Building on the enhancements in Acumatica Cloud ERP 5.0 the latest release, Acumatica Cloud ERP version 5.10, includes multiple improvements to the modules in Finance, Distribution, Customer Management and Customer Portal.  In addition to the improvements in the application functionality there is a new “Feature Switch” that allows users to turn on or off functionality in keeping with the Acumatica theme, “As simple as you want, as complex as you need”.

New Application Features and Improvements

  • Deferred Revenue Recognition – improve compliance with ASC 985-605 for mixing tangible and non-tangible items.
  • Invoicing Time – add the ability to invoice time through contracts without the need to activate CRM.
  • Dunning Letters – improved control and the addition of dunning levels
  • Sales Order Prepayment- addition of a Prepayment function for Sales Orders
  • Sales Order Approval – addition of approval levels for Sales Orders
  • Sales Order Serial or Lot Specification – addition of the ability to reserve items on the Sales Order by lot or serial number.
  • Fixed Asset Types – addition of the ability to have unlimited user defined Fixed Assets Types.
  • Delayed Posting to COGS – addition of the ability to record COGS to a Shipped-Not-Invoiced account for delayed billings.
  • Customer Management Email Archival – addition of the ability to automatically  archive historical emails.
  • New Feature Switch – the following features may be turned on or off depending on the customers needs.
    •  Overdue Charges
    • Allocation Templates
    • Commissions
    • Translation of Financial Statements
    • Customer & Vendor Discounts
    • General Ledger Consolidation
    • Purchase Requisitions
    • Advanced Physical Counts
    • Kit Assemblies
    • User-Defined Order Types
    • Allocations
    • Replenishment
    • Approval Workflow

To view the full list of enhancements download the Acumatica-5.1-Release-Notes.

Acumatica Cloud ERP Overview Video |  Acumatica Cloud ERP Overview Brochure

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