What’s Your ROI for Acumatica ERP?

ROI for Acumatica

Finding Your ROI for Acumatica ERP Is a Critical First Step to Success


If you’re considering purchasing a new ERP system for your business, you’ll want to make sure that you’re buying the right one for your exact needs. Of course, you already know that “the right ERP” is the one that best meets your business requirements as well as your budgetary restrictions.

By this point, you’ve probably compared all the on-premises and cloud options out there, narrowed your options down to one or two strong contenders, and you’re now trying to make your final decision between Acumatica Cloud ERP and another comparable solution. It’s time to crunch the numbers.

Most companies start “crunching the numbers” by figuring out the total cost of their ERP solution over its lifetime, compared to its expected benefits. This is a standard ROI analysis, but since ERP systems typically last 5-10 years or more, these cost predictions can be a complex process.

Luckily, you have help.

If you’re wondering how to determine your ROI for Acumatica ERP, you’ve come to the right place. Download the “ERP Project Justification: ROI” guide now or read on for more information.

Determining an Accurate ROI for Acumatica ERP

As most companies discover during their ROI analysis process, the reason it’s so hard to come up with an accurate ROI for Acumatica is because most ERPs have hidden costs. This isn’t because your ERP vendor or reseller is trying to hide any of the numbers from you, it’s simply because your company has unique needs, a unique setup, and unique goals and objectives. There is no “one size fits all” analysis of ROI for Acumatica– but if there were, it sure would make our job easier!

In other words, your one-of-a-kind business will have one-of-a-kind needs, and that means you’ll want an expert on the case to help track down the one-of-a-kind costs that come with your requirements. Resellers are the experts you can trust to help with this.

Good resellers will make sure you know exactly what you’ll be spending on your ERP, because your reseller is looking to establish a long-term relationship with your company. That relationship can only be built on trust and mutual understanding, so you can rest assured that you’ll always have the most accurate answers possible from your reseller.

However, even though you’ll need to work with an expert to come up with your precise numbers, you can start getting an idea of your total costs now by downloading the “ERP Project Justification: ROI” guide.

What’s in the Guide?

The “ERP Project Justification: ROI” guide helps you identify a good portion of your total ERP costs by focusing on typical expenses incurred during your ERP purchase and ongoing operations.

The guide includes commonly overlooked items such as:

  • Hardware upgrade costs
  • Licensing costs
  • User training
  • Utilities costs
  • And more

But figuring your ROI is more than simply adding up prices, which is why this guide also helps you identify potential benefits that your Acumatica ERP system can bring.

Benefits include things like:

  • Workflow management
  • Reduced scrap and wastage
  • Decreased overtime
  • Lowered shipping costs
  • Shorter lead time
  • Improved employee and customer retention
  • And more

Additionally, the guide helps walk you through some important considerations as you’re selecting your ERP and determining your ROI. One thing you must remember as you’re performing your ROI analysis is that the always up-to-date cloud ERPs can often provide greater agility, which can be quite valuable in our modern business landscape.

There’s also another important cost consideration to factor in when you’re comparing cloud to on-premises ERP, and you can learn about that in the guide too.

Experience Is the Key to Your Success

As the owner of a growing small business, you’re clearly an expert at running your company. However, you’re probably not an expert at implementing software or determining its long-term costs and benefits.

That’s why it’s critical that you find the right partner to help you perform your analysis of ROI for Acumatica, as well as your ERP implementation and ongoing support. After all, you already know that the best way for you to ensure that you achieve the highest ROI on your Acumatica ERP solution is to work with the right software consultant.

Since 1996, Dynamic Tech Services has been providing tailored software advice and services to clients across the globe and, at this point, we have completed 200+ implementations in 35 US states and 25 countries around the world. If you’re looking for a software consultant who can help you complete the most accurate, comprehensive analysis of ROI for Acumatica for your company, consider working with Dynamic Tech Services.

But first, prepare yourself with the facts and get an idea of how much your new ERP system will cost and the kinds of benefits it will offer you.


Download your guide, “ERP Project Justification: ROI” for Acumatica ERP, so you can start determining your ROI now.

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