Why Did Dynamic Tech Services Choose Acumatica?

Why Choose Acumatica

Get an Insider’s View on Acumatica’s Capabilities and Advantages


If you’re in the process of searching for a new ERP, it’s a safe bet that you’ve completed a lot of research by this point.

You’ve investigated functionality, integration, usability, and implementation partners. You’re pretty sure Acumatica is the right choice for your needs – and you know that one of the first questions a consultant will ask you is, “What do you like about Acumatica and why is it your top choice?”

But have you thought to ask your consultants why they chose Acumatica? They’re software experts. They could probably work with any ERP system, so why did they make the choice to spend their days supporting Acumatica? What’s their story?

Here’s your opportunity to find out.

Learn Why Dynamic Tech Services Chose Acumatica ERP

Watch the following video to find out why Dynamic Tech has been working with Acumatica since 2011 and is passionate about the flexible cloud ERP solution.

In the video, you’ll discover:

  • Why Dynamic Tech originally chose Acumatica ERP
  • What the early partner conferences looked like
  • A surprising customer story
  • Cutting-edge tech that’s paving the Acumatica future
  • The “limits” of Acumatica
  • Creative ways to use the platform
  • Brand-new business process monitoring functionality that stretches the ERP’s capabilities even further


Choose a Partner Who’s Passionate About Acumatica

At Dynamic Tech Services, we realize you have a wide selection of Acumatica implementation partners to choose from. After all, it’s exciting to work with a rapidly evolving, extensible ERP platform and many resellers relish the opportunity.

However, as you’re researching your options for Acumatica partners, we have an important piece of advice to share: keep an eye out for partners who are truly passionate about the product and its capabilities.

Acumatica is cutting edge; it evolves constantly in response to user feedback and requests. Only a partner who is genuinely excited about Acumatica’s possibilities will be able to stay up to date with the firehose of information about the product – and continuously think of fascinating, innovative ways to make Acumatica even more useful for your business and your needs.

Start working with a passionate, innovative Acumatica partner today. Contact Dynamic Tech Services, so you can meet the team.


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