Acumatica Pricing: Pay Only for What You Use

Acumatica Cloud ERP pricing is designed for growing companies like yours. Rather than paying for each user you add, you’ll pay only for the computing resources you actually use.

Give Your Workforce the Benefit of Up-to-Date Information

We believe that everyone in your company needs up-to-date and accurate information to make the best decisions. That’s why we created an Acumatica ERP pricing structure that lets you add casual users, suppliers, and customers without paying for additional licenses. Thus, your cost to you is based on the features and resources that you choose to utilize, not on the number of users who access the system.

Learn how how traditional ERP pricing works.

Acumatica Cloud ERP Software

Acumatica Cloud ERP Pricing is Based on Three Related Factors

Acumatica is different than other ERP software providers because our license fees are based on the resources you use, not the number of users who access the system. The resource tier you pay for is sized to support the volume of transactions for your business. Start on one tier, and when you need to you can expand or shrink as you needed. Acumatica Cloud ERP pricing is based on three related factors:

  1. What applications do you want to start using now?
  2. What type of license are you considering: SaaS Subscription, Private Cloud Subscription, or Private Perpetual License?
  3. What is your projected level of consumption based on the volume of your business transactions and data storage?

1. What applications do you want to start using now?

The foundation of Acumatica pricing is the number of applications that your businesses implements. All Acumatica applications are integrated so you can add them at any time and buy only what you need when you need it. For example, you can start with Financial Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and then add Manufacturing or Service Management applications as your company expands operations.

In addition to Acumatica product editions and Acumatica product suites, you can purchase Acumatica modules individually. For example, you could purchase Intercompany Accounting when you add new business units.

2. What type of license are you considering?

Acumatica offers several options for software licensing:

  • SaaS Subscription – Pay an annual subscription fee based on our Acumatica ERP pricing. Your Acumatica installation and maintenance responsibilities will be handled by an experienced, full-time IT organization such as Amazon Web Services (our most popular option).
  • Private Cloud Subscription – Acumatica also offers a private cloud option where you pay an annual fee and can deploy on premises or at your preferred hosting provider.
  • Private Perpetual License – Pay a one-time cost for the perpetual license up front along with a recurring annual maintenance fee and deploy the software on premises or at your preferred hosting provider.

Your Acumatica partner can explain the differences in cost as well as the traditional breakeven points among the Acumatica price options. To understand the benefits of cloud ERP, see Why Is the Cloud the Future for ERP Implementations?

3. What is your projected resource consumption based on the business transaction volume you expect to have?

Acumatica allows unlimited users by following a consumption-based pricing model – you are charged based on the resources your company requires for the transactions you anticipate. And you can always increase or decrease these resources when necessary.

Start with what you need now to handle the transaction volumes you expect and adjust resource levels and data storage as your business grows, to maintain the correct service levels as you add users and increase transactions. The Acumatica pricing model comes in incremental tiers and can be adjusted as needed. To understand the benefits of cloud ERP, see Why Is the Cloud the Future for ERP Implementations?

In Summary

Instead of enforcing a “one-size-fits-all” cost structure, Acumatica ERP pricing is determined by your needs and requirements. Your Acumatica partner will take the time to work with you, understand your specific requirements, determine the proper resources and modules for your company, and present you with an accurate price for your license.

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