Acumatica Cloud ERP Manufacturing Edition

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition

The Acumatica Manufacturing Edition (AME) provides a complete manufacturing automation solution integrating your shop floor with sales, accounting, ordering, and inventory.

AME integrates with the Acumatica Financial Suite, Distribution Management Suite, Customer Management Suite, and Project Accounting Suite to deliver a powerful and complete solution for make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, project centric, job shop, batch, and repetitive manufacturing companies.

AME provides real-time coordination of all your business activities from one central location. Your employees, partners, and customers can create dashboards that deliver real-time information to speed decision making and improve business processes.

AME was formerly known as JAMS.

Acumatica Manufacturing Suite Overview

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Acumatica Manufacturing Edition Modules

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling allows manufacturers to consistently and cost effectively meet customer demands by setting accurate and reliable delivery dates based on actual availability of resources.


Bill of Materials (BOM) and Routing

Bill of Material (BOM)/Routing is multi-level and presents both engineering and financial views of the product structure. You can efficiently plan and manage your inventories, costs, and manufacturing processes as well as gain full revision control.



With the Estimating module, you gain the flexibility to create detailed manufacturing estimates quickly. You can improve the accuracy and turnaround times of all your manufacturing estimates. This solution takes into account every aspect of estimating, including material, overhead, labor, and other miscellaneous costs.


Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

MRP is the software engine that takes demand from sales orders and forecasts, in conjunction with the supply of purchase orders, production orders, and master production schedules to generate planned orders in a time phased manner to offset the outstanding demands for end items and subassemblies.


Product Configurator

The Product Configurator is a powerful tool that enhances quality and accuracy in the manufacturing of complex products. By allowing the user to configure a products’ features, options, and dimensions, the Product Configurator provides the tools you need to maximize your quote-to- order and manufacturing performance.


Production Management

From components to finished goods, the Production Management module gives an organization the ability to control the entire production process and provides the ability to track material and labor costs, schedule production on the shop floor, as well as allow the user to compare the standard/planned production costs to the actual costs of the production order.

Other Acumatica Editions

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