Celebrate Manufacturing Day with Acumatica Manufacturing Edition

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition

How Acumatica Manufacturing Edition Makes Work Easier for Busy Manufacturers

In celebration of manufacturers in a range of industries including electronic manufacturing, fabrication and metalworking, industrial manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, and more — everything from concrete to surfboards to beer and beyond — we salute you.

No matter your production environment, whether you run an MTO shop, MTS, or ETO – whether you engage in repetitive manufacturing, focus on batch processing, or create custom orders in your job shop, we’d like to honor you with the gift of time this Manufacturing Day.

The Gift of Time? Really?

Okay, we admit that was a flowery beginning, but honestly, manufacturers these days have to work really hard. You deserve some extra recognition this Manufacturing Day, and you deserve a night out on the town. Your job is stressful. And important.

After all:

  • The ISM’s Manufacturing Index rose to a 14-year high of 61.3 in August 2018, up from 58.1 in July, and 16 of 18 manufacturing industries saw growth in August. (Source: “August 2018 Manufacturing ISM Report on Business,” Institute for Supply Management [ISM])
  • “Manufacturing is the largest multiplier of any economic sector: each dollar’s worth of manufactured goods generates $1.40 in output from other sectors of the economy.” (Source: “Where U.S. Manufacturing Is Thriving in 2018,” Joel Kotkin, C. Hobbs Professor of Urban Studies at Chapman University in California)
  • Manufacturers hired 37,000 new employees in July, bringing the past year’s hiring total to a grand 327,000. That’s the best 12-month stretch in 23 years. (Source: “Manufacturing Jobs Growing at Fastest Rate in 23 Years,” Market Watch)

With those kinds of numbers, you deserve some time off and you also deserve a bonus. You’re doing impressive work!

But we understand; if you were the kind of person who took lengthy vacations and set up a golden parachute, you probably wouldn’t have achieved the kind of success you’ve already achieved. You would have been focused on other things, instead of your manufacturing business. There’s only so much time and focus available in the day.

Therefore, instead of taking time off or giving yourself a bonus, you prefer to streamline your business tasks, so you can grow your company and ensure greater profitability in the future. Maybe you can also work a little less, while you’re at it.

Think it’s impossible to achieve more and work fewer total hours? C’mon. With your personal drive combined with the strength of Acumatica Manufacturing Editionnothing is impossible.

What Is Acumatica Manufacturing Edition?

A world-class, cloud-based, real-time ERP designed specifically for manufacturers’ needs, Acumatica Manufacturing Edition empowers you to manage all phases of your business using a modern, flexible system.

In short: Acumatica has what it takes to support your personalized growth strategy and unique business objectives, so you can maintain your success for years to come.

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition

Acumatica also seamlessly integrates the rest of your business operations, including CRM (customer relationship management), inventory management, HR & payroll, fixed asset management, and more.

Benefits of Acumatica Manufacturing Edition

  • Secure, robust platform

Connect your shop floor with sales, accounting, ordering, projects, and inventory / distribution. Plus, handle the full manufacturing management process, including BoM/Routing, production management, material requirements planning (MRP), product configuration, estimating, and advanced planning and scheduling (APS).

  • Lower IT costs than on-premises ERP (typically)

Instead of budgeting for IT hardware and software, plus years of maintenance and upgrades, fold all your costs into a low monthly payment that guarantees you the cutting-edge technology you need now and in the future, along with flexible configurations and API customizations. In addition, you can efficiently manage your other costs too: materials, machines, tools, overhead, and more.

  • Real-time decision-making tools

Get a “single version of the truth” for everyone at your company with an integrated platform that provides an easy way to create reports, inquiries, and dashboards. Share information with customers, suppliers, and staff as needed, and rely on anywhere / anytime access, so that you can make key decisions exactly when you need to, without wasting time or money.

Celebrate on Manufacturing Day – You Deserve It

This Manufacturing Day, October 5, 2018, you deserve to relax. You deserve to celebrate. Because you know what? You work hard – and you deserve an ERP system that works just as hard as you do.

Learn more about how you can achieve more with Acumatica Manufacturing Edition when you contact Dynamic Tech Services.

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