Enterprise Resource Planning: Emotional Footprint Report

Compare customer satisfaction ratings for 18 ERP systems in this new report from Info-Tech.

It’s hard to feel confident about any ERP purchase decision until you know what actual end-users think. Now there’s an ERP buyer’s guide that compiles user satisfaction ratings for 18 systems so that you can compare your choices side-by-side.

The Enterprise Resource Planning Emotional Footprint Report gives you a clear view of which solutions are giving users the greatest sense of value for the price they’re paying. Download it now.

“The data in this report is collected from real end-users, meticulously verified for veracity, exhaustively analyzed, and visualized in easy to understand charts and graphs. Each product is compared and contrasted with all other vendors in their category to create a holistic, unbiased view of the product landscape.”

Emotional Footprint of ERP

Read this report to find out:

  • How users feel about the service they’re getting from 18 top ERP vendors.
  • Why Acumatica landed in the Champions quadrant of the Emotional Footprint Diamond.
  • What users said about the leading vendors in response to 25 provocative questions.
  • Which ERP solutions help save time—and which ones waste it.
  • How vendors stack up in fairness, honesty, transparency, and even generosity.

This ERP buyer’s guide distills what customers are really feeling down into a single document. Don’t make your purchase decision without it. Download the report now.

To learn more about how Acumatica can provide you with value while giving you top-notch customer service, download this report.

Download “Emotional Footprint Report: Enterprise Resource Planning”

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