How Acumatica ERP Laid the Groundwork for One Rug Wholesaler’s Increased SuccessTayse Acumatica Wholesale Success

Find Out Why Industry Leader Tayse Rugs Chose Acumatica ERP to Support Their Company

Depending on your interest in home decor, you’ve probably already noticed a surprising shift in the past decade. Gorgeous Turkish rugs that used to cost thousands of dollars are now available for much, much less – and one of the companies driving that change is Tayse Rugs, an importer and wholesaler of machine-made rugs and furniture.

However, staying at the forefront of an industry means you need the ability to sell to a wide range of retail partners, including big-box stores with painstaking paperwork requirements. As Tayse Rugs grew, they knew their QuickBooks Enterprise software wouldn’t be able to keep up with demand.

Learn why Tayse Rugs chose Acumatica ERP to grow their business and find out how they’ve used the cloud ERP to streamline efficiency and make their way to the top of the industry. Read the case study to find out the facts.

Acumatica ERP Has Great Craftsmanship Woven In

As a rug importer and wholesaler, Tayse Rugs understands the value of new, more effective technologies. After all, new tech was behind the meteoric rise of Tayse. When newly available improved machinery and artificial fibers and yarns were developed in the mid-2000s, rug manufacturers were finally able to nearly replicate the look and feel of handmade rugs for a fraction of the cost.

Those machine-made rugs created a wave in the industry, which has led to booming business for the family-owned Tayse Rugs company, but as orders climbed from one hundred per day to thousands per day, Taylan Sevimli, Tayse’s Business Development Manager, knew the company needed to tap into their own technological advance in order to stay ahead.

And they found that technological advance in Acumatica ERP.

Tayse felt that Acumatica’s cutting-edge, highly flexible and customizable cloud-based ERP solution was far beyond what any of the competitors could offer, and it gave Tayse the freedom to use the ERP in the best way for their business. They’ve already integrated the well-crafted cloud ERP with flexible EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) in order to ease transactions with big-box retailers, and they’ve gained in-depth insight with Acumatica’s easy-to-use dashboards and intelligence integrations.

“Acumatica comes with a framework, but they let us stretch and change it, so it works for us, the way we need it to,” says Sevimli. That openness and flexibility “is very, very rare.”

Having the Right Solution Requires Working with the Right Partner

One of the beauties of having a customizable, always up-to-date, cloud-based system is that you can do whatever you want with it, anywhere and anytime. However, if you want to ensure that your tailor-fit solution can meet your exact needs, you need to work with the right partner.

Since 1996, Dynamic Tech Services has been helping clients select, implement, customize, and support their ERP solutions, and after more than 400 implementations in 25 countries, Dynamic Tech has established themselves as an expert in the ERP field.

In fact, Tayse Rugs is a customer of Dynamic Tech Services, and you can read all about their experience with Acumatica ERP when you download the customer case study.


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