New Report Confirms: Acumatica Shows No Signs of Slowing

Acumatica Cloud ERP Nucleus Report
Get the Facts on Acumatica’s Growth


Considering Acumatica Cloud ERP?

When choosing a new ERP solution to run your business, it can be hard to properly compare your options. Websites and brochures use slightly different terms and often seem to be comparing apples and oranges – and it’s hard to find real product reviews from real customers in your industry. No one ever mentions potential product caveats.

That’s why this unbiased report on Acumatica, “Acumatica Shows No Signs of Slowing,” from Nucleus Research, is so valuable. Download the report here.

What’s in the Report?

This Acumatica report isn’t a dense, incomprehensible research piece that only a tech person can understand. It’s a well-written, concise summary of Acumatica’s growth plan, complete with an analysis of Acumatica’s potential future vulnerabilities. It also includes customer reviews from real customers.

After reading the report, you’ll understand:

  • The cutting-edge advances Acumatica is applying to their ERP solution (most small- and mid-market ERP players don’t choose this route)
  • The trajectory of Acumatica’s growth curve (there’s a reason they’re known as the “fastest-growing Cloud ERP provider”)
  • The latest announcements from Acumatica Summit 19 (the ERP developer’s largest conference yet)
  • Where Acumatica is focusing their resources (and what that may mean for your industry)

You’ll also get insight into why distribution and manufacturing companies — some with very complex needs — are choosing Acumatica, and you’ll find out the unvarnished truth on how those companies’ actual implementation experiences compared to their expectations.

And One Last Thing…

Finally, the report will give you a good idea of what to look for in your Acumatica implementation partner.

Since Acumatica is a rapidly growing ERP solution with a rapidly growing partner (VAR) and add-on (ISV) ecosystem, there are a lot of new players available to sell, support, and tailor your Acumatica ERP. And that number, like all things Acumatica, is only going to grow.

It’s now more important than ever to find the right partner, with the right experience – so you can ensure your cloud transformation is a success.


Instantly access your copy of the brand-new report, “Acumatica Shows No Signs of Slowing,” from the Boston-based research firm Nucleus Research.



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