3 Top Mistakes Growing Wholesale Distributors Make… and How Acumatica WMS Can Help

Acumatica WMS Warehouse Management

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All distribution companies are unique in the products they carry, the clients they work with, and their business philosophy – but when it comes to warehouse efficiency, most distribution companies share a surprisingly similar goal. Distributors want more efficiency, as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Luckily, distributors using Acumatica Cloud ERP are now finding it easier than ever to improve their warehouse efficiency using Acumatica WMS.

Read on to find out about the 3 efficiency mistakes that could be holding back your wholesale distribution company’s growth – and learn how you can fix those mistakes.

  1. Too Much Room for Error

How many times are orders manually updated by your team? If you’re like most distributors, one person enters the order, another modifies it and prints it out for paper picking, another marks off the picked order on the paper sheet, another packs the order, another enters the order onto the carrier’s shipping portal… and on and on.

By my count, that’s at least 5 people manually interacting with each order – and that means every single order holds at least 5 opportunities for data entry errors. Multiply that by the number of orders you process per day, and you might be looking at 500, 5,000, or more potential errors every single day.

A good WMS with automated pick, pack, and ship processes can reduce or eliminate those errors entirely, saving you time, improving your accuracy rates, and increasing your customer satisfaction levels significantly.

  1. Missed Opportunities

Amazon may allow you to sell through them by providing that cumbersome seller’s portal, but if you want to distribute to the big-box retailers like Walmart or Cabelas, you’ll need to use an EDI (electronic data interchange) system to share order information back and forth with the big-box ordering and receiving systems.

A good WMS will integrate seamlessly with third-party EDI solutions, so you can expand your selling opportunities and work with more large clients. Now that’s a way to grow!

  1. Data Delays

Do your warehouse workers have to use fixed terminals to manually enter data from paper pick sheets? If you said, “yes,” take a second to think about how much time your workers waste wandering through the warehouse to get back to a terminal so they can enter data – and how much of a delay that can cause in your inventory records.

An effective WMS solution like Acumatica WMS provides a real-time connection to your ERP, directly from each picker’s hands, which means they’ll spend less time wandering around your warehouse, and your salespeople and customers will always have real-time data on your exact inventory levels.

What Is Acumatica WMS and How Can It Help?

As a part of Acumatica Distribution Edition and fully integrated with the Acumatica Commerce Edition, Acumatica WMS (warehouse management system) helps time-strapped wholesale distributors get more done — in less time — with fewer errors and increased customer satisfaction.

Acumatica’s innovative WMS delivers the time-saving advances that smaller distributors need to succeed and, unlike some of the ultra-massive WMS solutions out there, Acumatica’s WMS won’t bog down your company with a lot of unnecessary functions that are only useful for those massive distributors.

Is Acumatica’s WMS Right for You?

Acumatica’s flexible warehouse management system offers a wide range of varied features that provide a great starting point for growing distribution companies that need to process more orders more efficiently.

Get the Right WMS for Your Needs and Boost Your Warehouse Efficiency

Is your warehouse missing out on the efficiency you deserve? Even if you’re only experiencing a single one of the 3 mistakes I listed above, you may be hampering your growth and hurting your competitive standing.

Think about it: Do any of those mistakes sound familiar? If so, it’s time for you to take the next step. It’s time for you to get the facts on WMS.

Discover more about Acumatica WMS when you download the datasheet.


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